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    Daffodils (a play with songs) Official Trailer from Bullet Heart Club on Vimeo. Daffodils, the great New Zealand love story is returning for one night only. In 2014 Daffodils opened in Q Loft leaving not a dry eye in the room. This play is the mostly true story of playwright, Rochelle Bright’s parents. It is bittersweet, […]

  • Marama-Auckland-Arts-Festival


    “New Zealand needs to acknowledge that Pacific Island nations face an “ecological holocaust” and “ecocide” thanks to climate change” Dr Pala Molisa While much of the world still argues if climate change actually exists, in the Pacific it is an every day issue as rising waters threaten to swallow whole islands. At the U.N. Climate […]


    “Over the years I have seen three or four plays designed to promote awareness of the blight that disfigures our society: domestic violence against women. None that I can remember has been quite as effective theatrically as Jamie McCaskill’s Not in Our Neighbourhood.” – Laurie Atkinson, The Dominion Post, June 2015 In New Zealand 1 in […]

  • Defending the J.J. Mac

    I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about isolation, selfishness and abandonement. Please bear with me because I don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer to these thoughts. Mental health isn’t black or white. It’s a million shades of cmyk, rgb and everything in between. It’s fucking loud. It’s deathly quiet. […]

  • Tiny Deaths written by Uther Dean and directed by Sam Brooks!

    Tiny Deaths

    The strap line for Tiny Deaths is as follows, ‘The woman who kissed a gnome. The girl who is also a bomb. The lady so obsessed with stationery she is prepared to kill for it. Or even worse: love for it.’ Sounds odd, yes. Sounds interesting, totally. But was I actually prepared for it? Not […]

  • Eugene Ionesco's The Lesson directed by Matt Baker and starring Natasha Daniels

    The Lesson

    ‘But I have a toothache’ A tryst with Eugene Ionesco and everything loses meaning. Semantic saturation of the whole world as one realises that meaning is made up, all rules can be moved, boundaries are imagined, and consensus is always transitory. This is aburdism – the backwards and forward toying of language and themes in tight […]