Hi I’m Maddy, otherwise known on the interwebs as Madicattt.

MADICATTT.NZ has been kicking it since 2011 and was born out of a desire to define my own writing style and to celebrate the immense talent of artists in my home town, Auckland.

These days I’m a digital communications specialist but back then I was studying health sciences and arts at Auckland Uni. I vibed on uni but I wanted to find my own voice – somewhere where I could express all the things I was discovering about myself, about the world.

The things that are good started one afternoon when I felt like I really needed some perspective. Five years on, the things that are good are great things which make you feel finnnnne. It’s a blog for people who want to feel things, who enjoy thinking and who love getting out of the house.

If you like gilmore girls, RNZ, hip hop, contemporary theatre and good food, we’ll get along just fine. 


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madicattt at gmail